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October 16th, 2005 04:37 pm

friends only

Sister, I'm not much a poet, but a criminal And you never had a chance Love it, or leave it, you can't understand
Yes, I'm friends only. leave a comment if we share a few interests and you're looking for a friend.
Preach all you want but who's gonna save me? I keep a gun on the book you gave me, hallelujah, lock and load

mood: restless
music: "Cemetary Drive" My Chemical Romance

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October 14th, 2005 10:47 pm
things are better if i stay

i am currently in the process of making this journal friends only. I decided I don't want people I haven't added as friends reading what i'm hoping to become entries longer then two sentences.

Sucks don't it?

I'll have a regular friends only post up once I'm done, then if you want to add me all you have to do is comment.

mood: bitchy
music: "Cemetary Drive" My Chemical Romance

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September 3rd, 2005 12:56 am
Title: Softly
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Rating: Light PG-13
Author: Ever After
Warnings: Well slash, duh. Oh and it isn't beta'd, sorry.
Disclaimer: No, I don't own Harry Potter.

My first Harry/Ron fic, not very long but I like it ^_^.
Both noticed the different qualities of the noiseless moment......Collapse )

mood: okay
music: The Ring Two

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August 10th, 2005 05:45 pm
Wow....a lot of posts today......

I haven't written a fanfic in a long time........Here a is Lost drabble for you :).

Title: Don't Stop
Pairing: Shannon/Boone
Rating: R
Author: Ever After
Disclaimer: Lost doesn't belong to me, sorry.

It was dark when he returned to the blanketCollapse )

mood: blank
music: Nothing

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February 18th, 2005 07:44 pm
Title: Sand in my Shoes 2/?
Pairing: Shannon/Sayid
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Lost ISN'T mine
Notes: Inspired by the song "Sand in my Shoes" by Dido. Not Beta'd but would you read it anyway? :)

I should get on forget you but why would I want to?Collapse )

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